Welcome to the official website of DYFI Kerala State Committee

DYFI was formed in Ludhiana on 1st, 2nd and 3rd November 1980.Prior to its formation, the leaders of K.S.Y.F of Kerala, Socialist Valibar organisation of Tamilnadu, Nav Jawan Sabha of Punjab, DYFI of West Bengal etc assembled in Delhi and gave shape to a Preparatory Committee. This committee conducted a conference in Ludhiana for the formation of DYFI. The constitution and the programme prepared by the Preparatory Committee were placed before the conference and duly passed. The Democratic Youth Federation began its activities on all India level.

DYFI is not a wing of any political party. Anyone can become a member of it. DYFI conducted several agitations against unemployment and price hike. It goes on conducting intense agitations and propagations against religious fanaticism and terrorism. It fights the pseudo spiritualism too.

DYFI stands firmly for secularism. All along India it is engaged in various charitable activities. Eradication of illiteracy is one of its programme. The part played by DYFI for transforming Kerala into a complete literate state is remarkable. The efforts put in by it for solving the problem of electricity in West Bengal deserve special mention. Lakhs and lakhs of youngsters donated their blood and the money thus obtained was contributed for the opening of electricity projects.

In the long battle against the Fascist, Terrorist forces and the dirty policies of the ruling class, a good number of DYFI youths sacrificed their precious lives continuous fighting that is the reason for the growth of DYFI. It stands firmly for the liberation of the downtrodden, suffering, exploited class.

When the conference for the formation of DYFI was conducted, its activities were there only in 10 states. It began its activities in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Pondicherry, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc only after the Ludhiana Conference. Subsequently its units started functioning in almost all states. The initial membership of 12 lakhs has now grown up to 1 crore and 2 lakhs.

DYFI is the biggest organisation in India, and the second biggest in the World (Youth Movement of China is the biggest in the World). Quarter of a century is over since the formation of DYFI-Democratic Youth Federation of India. Today it is the highest youth movement in India, tremendous achievements got is its credit.